An EPSRC Funded Research Project

Our Presence at Electrostatics 2023 & STEP-7

We will be attending the Electrostatics 2023 conference organised by IoP next week. Following that, we will also be joining the STEP-7 meeting, a club for static-tribo-electricity enthusiasts, discussing the latest trend and advancement in the field in an informal and congenial format. Professor Mojtaba Ghadiri will be giving a talk on Tuesday September the 5th, titled “Triboelectrification of Powder and Grains: Effect of Surface Functional Groups“. His talk will be followed by the talk of one of his PhD students, James Middleton, on Investigating the triboelectric charging properties of the functional groups of common pharmaceutical materials using density functional theory (DFT) calculations. Dr Wei Pin Goh will be presenting the work on the migitation of triboelectrification by ATMER 163 on functionalised surfaces in the STEP-7 meeting.

Please do drop by any of these talks to check out our work if you happen to be around. We look forward to meeting you in either of these meetings.